Prepared for the Future

A warm welcome to IPO! I am delighted to be able to introduce our philosophy and outlook and to tell you more about what makes our programs and approach so distinctive and our graduates so exceptional.


Since IPO’s establishment in 2008, our dynamic academic units have sought to provide education and research programs with a unique flavor for a select group of students, who are ready and willing to make full use of the holistic learning and self-development opportunities that IPO provides.


We fully recognize the need to tackle the challenging and multi-faceted issues of today in an interdisciplinary way – be it climate change, optimizing the big data revolution, or effective management of our technology-driven world – and to fuse knowledge and know-how from different fields to bring multiple perspectives to the task of changing the world for the better. We also strive to tailor our programs to the newly emerging needs of society and the students we educate. Our goal is to provide a nurturing learning environment enabling undergraduates and postgraduates to discover their true passion and interests through an education that connects them to the world at large and connects the community and industry with our students.


Within IPO, we currently offer three cutting-edge interdisciplinary undergraduate programs: the Dual Degree Program in Technology and Management, Environmental Management and Technology Program and Individualized Interdisciplinary Major Program. We also host two academically significant and socially impactful divisions. The Division of Environment and Sustainability provides excellent education and research programs as well as extensive community outreach focused on environmental issues. The Division of Public Policy fosters close collaboration across disciplines and schools, and contributes to key community and regional issues by conducting evidence-based research supported by HKUST’s strengths in science and technology.


Indeed, IPO’s pioneering outlook comprises many “firsts”, including our Individualized Interdisciplinary Major, which is the first in Greater China to offer talented Hong Kong and international students the chance to create their own bachelor degree study program. In addition, we are actively involved in the development of new initiatives at HKUST and always keen to break traditional boundaries to broaden our reach through partnerships within the community, industry, academia in Hong Kong and beyond.


The way forward for IPO is exciting and always evolving to keep us focused on what lies ahead and to ensure our graduates and partners can confront emerging global issues. I look forward to sharing energizing and inspirational times with you.




Prof. Huamin QU
Director, Interdisciplinary Programs Office

Prof. Huamin QU