Division of Environment & Sustainability(ENVR)

Climate change, pollution, and demand pressures on key natural resources pose serious challenges to sustainable development. The Division of Environment & Sustainability (ENVR) seeks to solve these issues and serve as a platform, within HKUST and externally with industry, government and non-government organizations, to build a more sustainable environment locally and globally through research, education and knowledge transfer. The Division’s stimulating interdisciplinary undergraduate and postgraduate programs are led by world-class faculty members with backgrounds in science, engineering, business and social sciences, providing leading education on environmental issues as well as encouraging dialogue with policy-makers and society at large.

Research Areas

The Division’s main areas of focus are:

  • Air and Water, including Interrelations with Climate Change
  • Environmental Changes on Regional and Local Scales, and their Global Interrelations
  • Economic and Social Impact and Solutions for Environmental Problems




We also work at the points where these areas intersect, such as the scientific understanding of management strategies and policy formulations.


Division of Public Policy (PPOL)

Aging, climate change, economic crises, terrorism and other global challenges call for policy responses beyond institutional and disciplinary boundaries. The Division of Public Policy (PPOL) encourages close collaboration across disciplines and Schools at HKUST to contribute to policy development both locally and globally, with a particular emphasis on the impact of science and technology advances on policy-making. The Division complements HKUST’s Institute for Public Policy (IPP) and Leadership and Public Policy Executive Education by driving interdisciplinary policy research at the University.

Research Areas

The Division’s main areas of focus address key challenges in Hong Kong, Greater China, and the region:





Research Clusters identified by IPP Potential Topics of Interest
Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Smart city, research policy, regulatory policy for technological innovations, higher education policy, knowledge transfer, privacy and security
Environmental Policy and Sustainability Transboundary pollution, climate change, environmental policy instruments, energy security, urban resilience, water security, green finance
Social Changes and Public Policy Population policy, ageing, elderly care, health policy reforms, migration, social stratification, social inequalities
China’s Development Policy Infrastructure development, land, human resource development, regional integration, local government and development, public private partnership